LMML performance

  • Hello,

    In the begining I want to say that I don't know where to place this post this on this forum so sorry if this is wrong thread :/

    But let's get to the topic.

    Airport is absolutly fantastic, well detailed and very accurate. I appreaciate how much work you place into this.

    But for me, it is unflyable due to the performance reasons:

    my spec: R7 2700X @4GHz and RTX 2070ti

    Single aprons are very light on performance, so when looking at them won't affect my fps, but when I try to look at two aprons at the same time my fps lower for about 10, then at 3 aprons -> 20 fps, etc

    so finally when I'm standing at runway threshold I got 30fps.

    And they are stable as long as I'm stationary. If I try to move they drop rapidly. Worst case is during approach when I got at max 20fps.

    I see no fun in flying in a slideshow.

    EDIT: changing scenery complexity from normal to sparse fixed performance issues but also removed everything from the aprons :/

    I was really looking forward to this airport for a long time and now I'm kinda disappointed.

    Possibly add an option in the configurator that disables props on the aprons that user won't intend to use.

  • Do you have my IFR Settings from the Manual?

    Do you have in the configurator unchecked VFR?

    Do you have switched Live scenery to 1?

    Do you have own Traffic?

    AMD I can`t test

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    Bitte melden Sie sich an, um diesen Link zu sehen.


  • In configurator:

    VFR - deselected/unchecked.

    Not using Live scenery

    Not using any sort of traffic, only my aircraft.

    'P3D traffic sliders set to off'

    Tried 'manual' graphic settings, tried my own settings, tried lowering everything

    Only setting Airport denisty to sparse fixed the issues. Also it removed all kinds of airport stuff: fences, aircrafts, car, carts etc.

    I think there is placed too many objects, so that's why performance is so low.

    I doubt that it has something to do with Ryzen based computer.