LMML v2: Missing ground textures (Solved)

  • Hi,

    After following the installation instructions first in German and after in English I still miss the ground textures at LMML.

    I have placed the LMML files outside and added the location info at add-ons.cfg as attached.

    The link at P3Dv4.5 add-ons looks correct.

    Also the pointer to Malta_Ground at P3Dv4.5 Scenery Lib looks correct.

    I guess it is a problem with a miss link at xml or ...... But I don't know really.

    Appreciate any support to fix the issue.

  • Thanks for the help.

    Sorry I had a too narrow understanding what sode does.

    During LMML installation I installed the latest version of sode and the directory 12bPilot looked like the default sode dir. Due to this I did over read the copy instruction.

    Sorry my mistake.

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