ICA for MSFS and PMDG 737-800

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  • Hello and thank for this tool.

    Unfortunately it does not work with PMDG 737, maybe because the parking brake release is not recognized.

    I perfectly followed installation instructions (indstallation of .LUA files into the FSUIPC directory and installation of "mysound" folder into C:\), but it doesn't work. When I hit SHIFT+W or SHIFT+B I hear the ding-dong sound, but although I release the parking brake, the cabin announcementdoes not start.

    My FSUIPC version is the last one (7.3.8) in payware version. I also tried to run FSUIPC as administrator, without success.

    I'm curious to know what is it wrong.

    Kind Regards.

    Arcangelo Zurlo