LGRP Rhodos Release am 06.12. 00.00 Uhr MEZ

  • Hier nun die Vorschau auf das am 06.12.2017 anstehende Release von Rhodos

    Release 06.12.2017

    Photoground LGRP 30cm/px and LGRD (LGRD Standard only)
    New Mesch and Custom LC
    Dense Autogen handplaced mixed with new 3D Models
    Custom Runway with original Skids
    Custom Taxiways with original Skids
    Custom Aprons with original Skids
    Custom Ground Lines and labeling
    3D Runway Lights
    3D Taxilights with Groundspot
    3D Centerlights
    3D Papi
    3D Approach Lights
    3D Grass (switchabele)
    3D People (switchable)
    Hold Short with yellow Lights and WigWags
    SODE Windsocks real working
    Apronlamps with dynamic Lights switchable to Standard Lights
    Park Area backward
    Streetsystem (Airport Area)
    Detailed Outside Area
    Inside Area ,Duty Free and Petrol area
    Fire Department
    Busstop Area
    Bustraffic (switchable)
    Inside Vehicle Traffic
    Detailed Terminal and Tower Complex
    Accurate working Traff with all Traffic Addons
    Hight Performance
    Scenery Configurator

    Link to AOPA Charts http://aopa.org.il/userfiles/files/usefull/LGIR.pdf

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