Pity free Rhodos behind wall of obligated data providing

  • Hello Simmershome,

    I was delighted to read at FSVIsions,nl, SImmershome provides such a beautifull scenery, Rhodos, for free.
    Very disappointing it was, to discover, one only can get the freeware, after providing a great amount of personal data, even creditcard info.
    Why does Simmershome want all those info before providing the free download link ?

    KInd regards,
    Bram Stikkel

  • Hello Bram,

    You never have to enter credit card details. Why too? It costs nothing This are fake news, sorry.

    Correct I wish your name, surname and complete address, how in other shops.

    Just because it costs nothing, you can not do what you want. You get a license for each software bounded on your person.
    Furthermore, you can also find my full name and address in the imprint.

    Here is not an anonymous download server

    If you do not like it, you do not have to download anything. The rules of how I make something freely available, I determine and that is my right as an author.

    Who does not have so much respect for my work, my offers and my support and is not to recognize is here definitely wrong

    Do you also put your presents on the doorstep without looking to see who takes them? I think no.

    So I give the community my work for free and I want to know who picks up gifts.
    Not more but also not less

  • Hello Rainer,
    Also here at your own forum, I want to apologize for the negative and erratic information I put at the FSVisions artikel comment and for understandable making you a bit angry. Problem is, there a so many places and websites where ones data are asked without being nessecary, I have been a to quick in concluding, yours was one too. Again, I apologize for that.
    Kind regards,
    Bram Stikkel